Remember to Look Up

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Mother earth has so many beautiful components. My focus today is the big blue yonder—the sky! When we stop for a while and feel nature all around us, we know that our soul was fed that much needed energy that gives us the strength to press on. When we look up, we see big beautiful trees, adorned with distinctive green or colorful leaves. Get close to the trees and feel them. Feel that magnificent energy as you are part of the tree. Remember to take a deep breath, several if possible, when you are near trees or in a forest; the oxygen will do the body good.

Looking up at the blue sky—especially when it’s blue, is a marvelous wonder. The natural, spiritual beauty should never be taken for granted. When we look up, we face the sun and feel those wonderful rays. Looking up can help ease the pain of sadness and depression if only for one minute. Getting out, feeling the breeze, feeling the sun, and seeing the sky is a sacred and powerful moment.

Looking up helps our bodies, especially our necks and lumbar system. We look down far too much from texting, and reading from our electronic devices. As time goes by, we will pay for looking down far too often with lower back pain. It’s time to stop and pay attention to your posture. Put the device down and have a face-to-face conversation. Try it, you might like it. When mobile phones first hit the market, in my day, it was mainly for emergency use while driving. That made most of us feel better about getting help if needed while on the road. Now, the mobile phone and other devices have become part of our families. No thing, and nothing should get in the way of life, live people, and relationships.

We’ve completely changed our behavior behind the wheel of a car, while walking across the street, and even at the dinner table at home or the restaurant. There are many car accidents, hit and run accidents, and quiet dinners due to our devices. What are we doing to ourselves? We no longer enjoy interacting with other humans. It’s gotten far too boring for us. It’s so bad that while attending a live concert, we are looking down posting messages to share moments of the event, instead of looking up at the entertainers, and enjoying the entire moment.

So, put your device down more and more each day. Drive carefully by paying attention to the road. Walk across the street safely and watch out for the cars. Enjoy nature and look up to the sky. Feel the sun on your face and breathe in that almighty oxygen. You may actually start to enjoy dinner conversations, or watching entertainers perform . . . like we once did in the good ole days.


Sending Love and Light!

Peace on Earth,

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