Do We Care Anymore?

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A family is suddenly homeless due to an electrical fire. They’re assisted by Red Cross with temporary housing. A child is brutally bitten and nearly dies by someone else’ family pet. The dog is put down. An entire community is destroyed because of a hurricane or tornado. It’s reported on the local news followed by politics. These events and more have slowly become our norm.

A man is asleep in the alley behind a large dumpster. He rests peacefully. What is his story? Could he be a sports player who couldn’t find his way when his career was over? Why is he there? Is he divorced and has children who can’t find him? Is he having mental challenges because of his service to our country? Is he a college professor who lost his way due to alcohol? These questions and more are reasons why some people just give up. They do the best that they have with what they’ve got.

A woman walks down the street and walks by. You speak, but she doesn’t seem to notice you. She’s busy. She stops for a second, answers a question from someone in her mental world, and keeps walking and talking. You keep walking, but what do you do. For me that was a very real situation and I did nothing. Nothing at all. I did my part. I acknowledged her presence, said hello or good morning, and she ignored “me!” What a switch.

I was insulted . . . initially. Who is she to not say hello to me. She’s the one who needs help, not me. But oh how I was wrong. I was the one who was out of touch needed of help. My negative feelings at that moment came from somewhere. But where? Oh yeah, those bad feelings came from my past. You see, when I was a little girl, I felt ignored—and that’s another story.

The homeless bring out old buried feelings from our past and perhaps our present. When I moved to downtown Phoenix, I was appalled by the sheer volume of homelessness. As time moved on, and I became stronger in spirituality, I see the homeless for who they are – children of God. Each has a story, and they deserve peace and quality of life. Now, when I see them in the park, I smile and think, “it’s so good to see them out grounding to Mother Earth, and feeling the beautiful sun shine down on them. They are part of us.

So, the next time you see someone homeless who offends you, ask yourself why.

Sending Love and Light!

Peace on Earth,

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