Smile, Say Hello

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I look round and sometimes wonder, what’s everybody doing? Where’s everybody going? Everyone’s so busy. No one seems to take the time to smile and say hello to their co-worker, or anyone else for that matter. I stop and think that people are so different than when I grew up. We would speak to strangers as we passed by, we’d speak to the store clerk, and so many others.

At work, I’m considered old school, and I believe in speaking to people when you get to work. That’s simply a courtesy, an acknowledgement to a family member. I know, I know, co-workers are not here to become your friend, thank goodness. But all jokes aside, my point is that we should acknowledge everyone’s presence when we can. I’m not saying to go out of your way to someone’s office just to say hello. But if you pass by in the hallway, in the kitchen, or where ever, it doesn’t take much to actually see them and say hello. I know the millennials see work life differently. They come in with their earbuds on, walking fast and in their own world. They work while watching movies, on the phone, online shopping, you name it—multitasking! They hate interruptions. And don’t sneak up on them by accident, because they’ll look at you as if you planned to “scare” them on purpose. That just happened to me at work the other day.

But what about our less fortunate family members who are homeless. They have feelings too. Most people never take the time to look their brother or sister in the eye and say “hello”, or “good morning” for fear they may ask for money. It’s such a wonderful thing when we do acknowledge them, because they are not invisible. I make it a point to speak to everyone. No, it’s not always returned, but I did my part because it comes from a place of love. I want everyone to know that I do see them and they matter, because God, the Great Creator made all of us and he makes no mistakes. I make it a point to send love and light to all each day.

Sending Love and Light!

Peace on Earth,

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