The Giver

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Have you ever done something wonderful for a loved one, or a close friend just to show how much you love them? It always turns out great. The recipients are caught off guard. Sometimes they ask, “are you okay?” “You’re not sick or anything are you?” That type of response shows that you have been out of touch with human connection for a long, long time.

If you extend random acts of kindness throughout the year, the universe will send random acts of kindness to you in return. The universe has a perfect calculator of give and take. If you are constantly taking or accepting, then you will continually receive. To change that rhythm, you must figure out a way to freely give from your heart. Giving can be a smile, a simple “hello” to a stranger. You have no idea how you’ve impacted someone else’s life through the gift of acknowledgement. Many times, that type of gift may prevent someone from ending their own life. They wake up and say, “I won’t do it if someone, anyone says hello to me, or notices me.”

You could pick up the phone and call a friend you haven’t heard from in months. Your call could be just what they need to get that spark back in their eye. That’s called sending love and light. There are many ways to send love and light that won’t cost a thing. The universe knows when you’ve done this from your heart, and guess what? The giver’s day is coming to receive something priceless from the Universe.

Understand that the giver is also receiving double. First, the giver receives the feeling of immediate, indescribable joy deep in the soul—the giver’s spirit is aware. Second, the giver receives love and light from the universe in many different ways. The giver could suddenly have improved health, children show love and respect, receives forgiveness, the woman finally conceives—all priceless. The universe, God, the Great Creator knows your heart and spirit. Freely give, and you will freely get.

Sending Love and Light!

Peace on Earth,

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