On May 25, 2017, Black Butterfly Purple Visions, LLC became a certified business of Maricopa County, in the City of Phoenix, Arizona.

Jacqulyn E. Grant (“Jakki”) is the founder of Black Butterfly Purple Visions, LLC. She is a psychic medium who is clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. She loves helping others by giving of her time towards family support through candid discussion, and by assisting her spiritual community.

Jakki was born in Kinston, North Carolina, and grew up in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. She is the seventh of nine children, and mom to one adult son, Brooks. She earned her bachelor of arts degree from Trinity Washington University, and her master of arts degree at American University, in Washington, DC, in Communications respectively. She relocated to Arizona June 2016. Today, she lives in downtown central Phoenix, and enjoys her pleasant morning walks to work.

Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.Rumi
At a young age and in grade school, family and friends knew she was a “special child” born with a veil on her face, with spiritual gifts. She heard this all her life and always knew that there was more to life than what’s before us. Distanced from the spiritual world, she tucked away her spiritual gifts as though the urge to accept them would never return. Much later on in life, the Great Creator, a host of Angels, and the universe inspired her to open her heart and mind to become curious about herself, her life, and all of life’s possibilities. She accepted the spiritual nudge that pushed her into retirement, and sent her to Arizona for her rebirth. There, she’s excited to learn about all her spiritual gifts and how to use them. She recently completed the Intuitive Studies course that helped her to unlocked her abilities as a healer, and a psychic medium. Jakki is now working on her mediumship certification.

Purpose and Mission

Sending love and light to all mankind by helping others find and understand their life purpose and dwell in a higher vibration through spiritual awakenings.