Hot Sun and the Goofy Rule

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This is the time of year to be careful with little ones and pets, especially in Arizona where the temperatures reach triple digits most days in June, July, and August. Whatever you do, always choose safety and water. If you must take your child or pet with you to run errands, create a goofy rule, which means you’ve planted a reminder in the front passenger seat that will trigger your memory get your them out of the vehicle. The Goofy Rules can be anything. For instance, you could put a small pot, a bag of dog food, or your favorite after 5 purse in the front seat of the vehicle with a note on it saying “Get Mary, Billy, or Waldo out the car!”—Why? Anything, and I mean anything that you can think of to draw your eye and attention to the passenger seat is ideal.

Mother nature stops for no one. It’s up to us to live and learn. Far too many innocent children and pets have paid the ultimate price for human error. We can do much better in protecting our loved ones. By implementing the Goofy Rule, you will see the difference. It works because we humans are programmed to notice things that are out of place. It doesn’t cost a thing to be goofy and creative. You could use your wedding picture, a punch dipper, an 8-1/ x 11 photo of your child or pet, a portable fan, charcoal in a plastic bag, you get the idea. You simply want to draw your attention to that something that is out of place—with a note on it. You will remember to take your child with you.

No one plans to leave a child or pet in a car on hot days on purpose. Yet, we hear about unwitting parents who leave a child in the car because they will only be 2 minutes in the store, or they completely forget about poor Waldo. Enough of that. Understand that it is human to get distracted and lose track of time. Children and pets deserve better care from us, hence the “Goofy Rule!” Now you can rest assured by implementing a Goofy Rule that works for you. Good luck!

Sending Love and Light!

Peace on Earth,

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