Healing from Mother Earth

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We are all connected to nature . . . the dirt, sand, ocean, grass, trees, air, mist, and the list goes on and on. It’s a great feeling when we reconnect to nature. We should all get out and enjoy the sun. Really enjoy the sun and feel its rays sink into our skin. Take a moment and step outside. Look up at the sky. Close your eyes and enjoy a quiet moment that is all yours. Kick off your shoes and step into the grass. Ah yes, feel the blades of grass beneath your feet and between your toes. This is grounding. Benefits include a deeper sleep, stress & pain reduction, and grounding helps to speed healing. There are many health benefits of grounding. Take a peek at the many websites with a wealth of information. Try to find at least 10 minutes each day that is just for you. No one else feels what you feel, and mother earth willingly sends healing to you and your entire body. Accept this gift from the universe by taking a moment to reconnect.

Get out and feel mother nature as it touches your soul. It really does change the way you think and feel inside. This is an immediate communications benefit for your interactions with others throughout the day, because you are still riding high on those positive endorphins affecting your total disposition. I use to have moments like those a lot when I lived back east. I’d get up on weekends, about 7:00 am, got dressed for my morning 5 to 12-mile speed walk through the park, and enjoy nature. I’d see and hear birds chirping, waterfalls, deer with family members, turtles, squirrels, large oak trees and yes, the list does go on. I do miss the walks and all the scenery that came along with it.

Living in Arizona is quite different. I don’t get out as much, because I haven’t found my place or a park that is lovely and nearby. So, I joined a gym. Hated it!!! I went for 4 days, not consecutive, and canceled my membership. I’ll continue searching for something outdoors—that’s what I like—back to nature. All that thick sweaty air in a gym was not the place for me. So, I’ll keep searching for the right place. I’m confident that I’ll find the perfect place! Stay connected to Mother Earth, it does the body good.

Sending Love and Light!

Peace on Earth,


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