Words and Thoughts are Things

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It’s an ongoing process to monitor your thoughts—what you think about someone else is what you’ve just sent out to the universe that will boomerang right back to you. The universe knows no difference in the words or thoughts projected towards someone else—it’s all about you.

Be careful about what you say and think about people in general. When faced with a difficult person or situation, be sure to think positively. I repeat the word “love” in my mind until I don’t need to think it anymore. It really works. Repeating the word “love” keeps away all the negative noise in your head, and guess what else you’ve done—planted more positive seeds for yourself!

Before I awakened, I use to love to “people watch” with family or friends and we’d have a ball watching them go by. Now, I realize that that was not the right thing to do, because I was actually poking fun and laughing at family members. When we recondition ourselves to monitor our thoughts, it’s difficult at first because of the default button. You automatically go back to your old way of thinking, but you have to be diligent.

Things really do get easier by the day with effort. Find a way that works for you to change your thoughts and to watch your words. Remember, the universe does not know the difference, and what you put out there, comes right back to you. Don’t even draw the notion in the sand. Just throw out the old un-awakened ways from the old days. Watch your life begin to change for the best.

Sending Love and Light!

Peace on Earth,

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