Sacred Moments

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Ever wonder where sudden might and super strength comes from? I do, especially when children suddenly have the power of a mighty weightlifter and rescues his sibling, parent or dear friend. We hear about people who suddenly have the strength of “Hercules!” I’m here to share with you that those moments are no accident. Nope. Not at all. Children are among the most mentally and spiritually strong individuals living among us—infants know the most—here is my inspired answer. Children are closest to their immediate past lives, and hold more memories at birth. You know as well as I do that the longer you live, the more disconnected you are from your higher self and spirit. To top that off, you’ve totally disconnected from don’t the power deep within that was freely given by the Great Creator.

We choose our parents. We also decide and agree, before this incarnation, on how we will transition and who will assist in that effort. We may be assisted by loved ones who will be with us as we slowly leave our body as we rest in our beds. Our agreement could have been a bit more spontaneous involving weapons that sends us back to the spirit world abruptly.

Keep in mind that everything that happens to us in this lifetime is of our own planning. Since we are here, and have forgotten the true reason for our return, we as humans may exercise our privilege of enacting free will at any given time. Free will supersedes everything while on planet Earth. Yes, our agreements are in place and we will return to the spirit world on the date and time agreed. How we reach that moment is up to us.

I have requested to depart this life in the comfort of my own home, and in my own bed – where I feel safe. I’ve asked that my parents, grandparents and my brother to greet me while in transition, and to escort me to the light when it’s my time to return. Yes, that certainly will be a sacred moment. For that, I have no fear of death, because it’s only the beginning of the next assignment.

I am here on Earth for a purpose. I awakened to the charge of the Great Creator with a mission to send love and light to all mankind. I accept that charge with spiritual harmony and will do my best to fulfill my duty. Have you awakened to your call to action? Everyone has a mission on planet Earth, even if you’re still asleep. Just open your heart and mind, meditate, and ask your spirit guides to help you concentrate. One day soon, you too will know why you are here. Until then, open your eyes and pay close attention to the world around you. Angels are here and they leave hints and messages each day to let you know they’re here and ready to help. But we must give them permission to assist. “Archangel Michal . . . come in . . .”


Sending Love and Light!

Peace on Earth,

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