The Love of Family

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Before my awakening, and when I thought about family, I’d immediately think about my son, my parents, all my sisters and brothers, my nieces and nephews, and so on. Yes, there’s nothing like the nuclear family and the deep bond shared among each member. But there’s so much more to our family.

Awakened, I know that family is all mankind. It’s so important for everyone to realize that we are all connected throughout the universe in every way. That is why every morning during meditation, I send love and light to all mankind, wildlife, the atmosphere, all the bodies of water, and all the land. It’s just my way to send love and light daily while in my most powerful place of being, which is my inner spirit world.

Love is the most powerful weapon man has never made. Yet, it appears to be the most elusive throughout history and today. I believe if we all took the time to send love and light around the world for mankind, we would reap a positive change. It will open minds for understanding, and will assist Mother Nature with all she provides for us every moment of each day.

Have you sent love and light to anyone today? It’s okay to pray for your nuclear family and close friends. But please remember mankind. It’s important, especially in our time, to always think positively about each member of our earth family. Do remember that each country is going through its own tribulations stemming from misunderstandings. Be sure to send love and light to each continent and send peace to each global leader . . . so that love prevails.

Sending Love and Light!

Peace on Earth,

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